Hi! I’m Mike and I provide a PWYW (Pay What You Want) videography service for comedians in the UK. I’m primarily Newcastle based, but I frequently travel to London and film at various festivals around the country.


I film both live comedy and internet sketches, here’s a rough overview of what I can offer:

  • Live filming on two 4K cameras (typically one providing a static wide shot and the other operated by me filming close up shots)
  • Single camera filming for non-live sketches (two cameras are available, but I wouldn’t typically recommend it)
  • Video & sound editing
  • Basic colour grading
  • Directorial assistance for sketches
  • Green screen (I can provide both an actual green screen itself for filming and the post-production to make use of it)


I operate on a Pay What You Want basis, meaning you can decide how much you’d like to pay based on what you can afford (and free is an entirely valid choice).

All money collected goes into a development fund to help other comedians get interesting projects off the ground.

This isn’t a source of income for me personally, my own income comes through software development, however this does mean that my availability can be very limited at times.

Development Fund

The intention of the Anxious Fox Development Fund is to provide small grants to help get new projects started, aimed at comedians that wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it. This can cover pretty much anything, some example uses include: venue hire, travel expenses, equipment purchase/hire, prop construction, animation and printing.

Applications for grants will open when there’s a reasonable amount of money available in the fund.


If you’d like to discuss what I might be able to do for you please either email me, or add me on Facebook and get in touch via Messenger.

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